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You Can Run But You Can't Hide From A Process Server!

If there is a knock on the door with someone waiting outside to serve you legal papers, here are a few tips to follow:

Do not freak out.

Thousands of lawsuits/legal actions are filed each day and some of them have no merit. It is important to quickly consult with an attorney to mount a defense and timely file a response.

Do not ignore or avoid the process server.

If the process server is unable to serve you on that day, they more than likely will find you at another time. Even if you can successfully avoid personal service, the plaintiff or petitioner can serve you by publication. If this happens, there is a good chance you will never see the notice. You very well could end up waiving the right to file a defense.

Do not ignore the summons. The worst thing you can do is nothing. Once you receive a summons, you have a limited number of days to response. Too often clients contact us well after the time when a responsive pleading is due. At that point, the client may have already waived the right to file a response or made it much more difficult to do so.

Contact an attorney. Even if you feel like there is no way you can win, it is imperative you consult with an attorney and learn your rights. Getting sued is stressful and could be expensive, but there are ways to reduce the stress and financial impact of a lawsuit by talking to a knowledgeable attorney.

If you find yourself involved in a legal proceeding, contact our firm today at (904) 751-6980 to schedule an appointment with a qualified attorney.

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