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BUSCH DRIVE - In the early years of his law practice, Lawrence Bernard commuted to North Jacksonville to meet with clients located in the area.


     He'd load his case files and important papers into his car and make the trek from across town several times a week, until he moved into an office on Dunn Avenue in 1987.  About two years ago, he settled into his current office on Busch Drive.


     "I've been out here long enough that I'm now working with the grandchildren of some of my clients," said Mr. Bernard.


     He specializes in real property law, including closings, mortgage and lien foreclosures, tenant leases and evictions (both residential and commercial), quiet title suits, real property litigation, probate and creditors' rights, including bankruptcy.  He has personally conducted over 20,000 residential and commercial real estate closings, 15,000 foreclosures, and 3,000 evictions.


     "Most of my clients are not big companies-they are private individuals," said Mr. Bernard.  "I get a lot of repeat business, from real estate to probate.  It's cradle to grave type of stuff."


     One of Mr. Bernard's long-standing clients is real estate firm ERA Dan Jones and Associates.


     "He helps us with everything related to closings, property management information, probates - He's given legal counsel and advice on many issues." said Gene Jones, President of ERA Dan Jones and Associates.  "He does a great job.  He's very knowledgeable and definitely knows what he's doing."


     Mr. Bernard has worked with ERA Dan Jones and Associates for more than 30 years, and once again, he has developed a generational relationshiip with the family.


     "We go way back.  My dad used Larry's services for years - his office was in the same shopping center as ours," said Mr. Jones.  "My dad totally trusted him on all his real estate needs, and I have followed in that path and so has our company.  Any time we have an oportunity to use his services, we do."


     Mr. Bernard is a man who values people and relationships, and his work ethic reflects those values.  He often gives legal counsel in addition to legal services, because he wants to help his clients address their individual legal issues in the best way possible.


     "I like problem solving," he said.  "When somebody comes in with a problem, there is usually always a way to solve it."


     In February, Mr. Bernard added two attorneys to his staff, brothers Adam Schemer and Blair Schemer.  He has known them all of their lives.  He went to high school with their father, their families lived near each other, vacationed together, and are still going through life together.


Adam and Blair Schemer both went to Stanton College Preparatory School.  Adam graduated from the University of Florida, with a bachelor of science in sports management.  Prior to attending law school he worked in the mortgage industry for appoximately five years, and was a manager at a prominent mortgage company.  He is a member of the Florida Bar and practices primarily in the areas of family law, criminal defense, and real estate.


     Blair graduated from the University of Florida, cum laude, with a bachelor of science in business administration.  He earned his juris doctorate from the University of Florida, Levin College of Law.  Blair graduated from law school, cum laude, and was the winner of the Book Award, created primarily to honor scholastice achievement in legal education, for criminal law and practices primarily in the areas of family law, criminal defense, and real estate.















For the Schemers, becoming attorneys was always something in the forefront of their minds - it seemed only natural to follow in the footsteps of their father.


     "Our dad is a judge and was an attorney," said Adam "We grew up with it, and it's always been a part of our lives."


     They also have a younger brother who is in law school, and a brother who is a sixth grade social studies teacher.


     The Schemers have roots in North Jacksonville - their father lived in Brentwood Park and their grandfather was a football coach at Andrew Jackson High School.


     After getting his undergraduate degree, Blair spent a year working as a paralegal in the state attorney's office, which solidified what he wanted to do.


     "I genuinely like to help people - that's the most rewarding thing about being an attorney," he said.


     After spending five years in the mortgage industry, Adam went on to pursue his passion of becoming an attorney.


     "I enjoy being in court, and I really like helping people as well."


     The Schemers started their own practice and were working as a team when Josh Bernard, Larry's Bernard's son and their good friend, suggested that the brothers come work with his father.


     It was a win-win situation for all of us," said Adam.  "He was very busy and needed the help, and we needed extra business and a permanent office."


     If you're looking for legal representation for real property law, family law, criminal defense, apellate law, or personal injury, the attorneys and staff at the law office of Lawrence J. Bernard are well equipped and ready to help you.


     Their desire to help people and their strong commitment to people and relationships will make your experience a positive one.


For more information visit their website at or call them at 904-751-6980.


-Kandace Lankford

"North Jax Monthly - October 2014"


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