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Real Estate Law | Real Estate Closings | Landlord Tenant Law

Jacksonville, FL

Our firm handles all real estate law matters quickly and efficiently, in an atmosphere that will ease your stress and inspire confidence that your affairs are being handled with competence and professionalism.  


We handle a variety of transactional needs including:


• Preparing and Reviewing Contracts and Leases

• Purchase and Sale Agreements

• Title Searches

• Title Reviews

• Preliminary & Final Title Opinions

• Title Insurance Questions


We also handle a wide variety of Florida real estate law matters, including the following:







• Coordinating Mortgage Payoffs

• Coordination and Negotiation with Mortgage Broker & Realtor

• Preparing Easements

• Deeds

• Promissory Notes

• Owner Financing and Mortgage Agreements

• Easements & Rights of Way

• Boundary, Easement and Neighbor Disputes

• Construction/Mechanics Liens

• Disputes between Buyers and Sellers

• Evictions

• Breach of Lease/Contract

To talk with an experienced attorney about real estate matters in Florida, contact our office today.

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