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DUI Lawyer


Being charged with a DUI, even if you are not proven guilty, may result in an automatic driver’s license suspension by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.  Whether you are facing your first DUI or need aggressive defense for a repeat offense, the DUI lawyers at Lawrence J. Bernard, P.A., will stand up for you and will work to avoid license suspension, steep fines and the possibility of having a permanent mark on your record.  We handle both the administrative aspects of protecting your license as well as defending against the consequences in the criminal justice system.  Contact one of our DUI lawyers to discuss issues related to:


• First-offense DUI

• Multiple DUIs

• Illegal search and seizure

• Chemical tests

• Field sobriety tests

• Automatic license suspension or revocation


Traffic Tickets & Violations


Many drivers are pulled over and ticketed for speeding or other traffic violations every day in Jacksonville.  If you are facing a traffic offense in Florida, it is in your best interest to seek legal advice as the offense could have a long-term impact on your driving record and driver’s license privileges.  At Lawrence J. Bernard, P.A., we represent clients charged with the following offenses:


• Reckless driving

• Careless driving

• Habitual Traffic Offender charges

• Driving While License Suspended or Revoked

• Driving without insurance/Expired tag

• Leaving the scene of an accident

• Speeding


To discuss any DUI or traffic matter with one of our Jacksonville DUI and traffic violation lawyers, contact our office today.


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