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Creditor's Rights


When faced with a customer, supplier or borrower in financial distress, a creditor’s ability to protect its interests and enforce its rights quickly and aggressively may make the difference between payment in full and a sizable loss.  At Lawrence J. Bernard, P.A., we represent financial institutions, businesses, corporations, commercial landlords and other clients that need protection in bankruptcy and collections matters.  We handle every type of matter related to the preservation of our creditor clients' financial interests, including:


• Collection actions

• Suits on bank notes

• Bankruptcies

• Foreclosure litigation

• Replevin

• Repossession

• Garnishments


Our attorneys not only counsel clients on their legal options, but also have the necessary experience to provide a realistic assessment of the relative risks, costs and likelihood of success of each option based upon the unique circumstances of each case.


To learn more about creditor’s rights, contact our office today

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