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Landlord/Tenant Relations


The landlord-tenant relationship can often be adversarial, and the legal process has evolved based on this dynamic.  Whether you are the property owner or the tenant, it is important to seek experienced legal counsel as soon as disputes arise.  At Lawrence J. Bernard, P.A., we represent property owners who need to draft and enforce leases, as well as tenants who face disputes.


Our firm counsels tenants in a variety of landlord/tenant issues, including


• Breaches of lease

• Cancellation or renewal of lease or lease options

• Residential lease disputes

• Sublease disputes

• Breach of covenant

• Breach of warranty of habitability

• Eviction notices

• Nuisance

• Landlord occupancy


Services the firm provides to landlords include:


• Drafting, reviewing and revising lease agreements

• Eviction of problematic tenants, including holdover tenants in violation of a lease agreement

• Legal counsel regarding nonpayment of rent, which may lead to eviction and/or rent collection actions

• General counsel regarding real estate law and/or landlord risk management


If you have a question about a Landlord/Tenant matter, contact our office today.


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